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    Making a world of difference - to every customer, is the challenge Skycom embraced with enthusiasm in the time and cost sensitive courier and cargo industry from the day of inception in 1993. Skycom unmatched quality of services and comprehensive range of solutions has established the company as an innovative and market driven courier and Cargo Company in the region. Skycom began operations as an affiliate of Skypak Service Specialists Ltd. India, a premier courier company, with operations across India for over two decades. Within a brief span of time the activities at Skycom expanded to branch out as an independent entity; since then the company has grown strength to strength. Professionally managed, Skycom is a multifaceted company with services that extend beyond the traditional courier services. A constant evaluation process based on customer feedback enables the company to develop new and innovative products & services on the basis of market requirements. Skycom offers land transport, logistics, specialized custom clearance and handling service.